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lovely_layoutz's Journal

lovely layouts ;)
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Lovely Layoutz is a replacment of _dr3amy because I felt that I should make a whole new community and open it when I was ready. This community consists of layouts, and maybe a few graphics if I feel like it. :P This is for me to make layouts, and no one else. If you want to post, you must have a good reason why. Or if you would like to make layouts, contact me.
rules 01. No making layouts unless I have said you are able to. Contact me if you'd like.
02. Comment before taking any layout.
03. NO taking any layouts and putting them on any other communities as your own under any circumstances.
04. Always credit when taking.
05. No requests. This is not a request community, so don't ask.
06. Don't hassle me to make more layouts if I haven't in a while. I'll make layouts when I want, or when I have time.


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